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In 2013 a Butte College Computer Science Instructor named Sean Worthington (PhD All but dissertation in Computer Science) decided to enrol his daughter in the CORE Butte Charter School. After enrolling her he noticed that there were no vendors that provided Computer Science Vocational Schooling and so he decided to create his own since he does not have to teach on Fridays at the college due to the energy saving schedule.

Mr. Worthington converted his home-programming lab and server room into a classroom. The programming lab is a posh 500 square foot environment with five Alien-ware computers double and triple 27” monitors, ergonomic chairs and Blacky the blank keyboard (used for teaching typing). Instead of having a white board or projector, the room has a 70” 3D HD television that works even better. Dell Servers provide a Remote Desktop to students anywhere in the world that has Internet connectivity. Sean also has a custom classroom management system that makes learning fun and easy to track homework, exams and assignments.

Mr. Worthington also recruited his wife Dr. Olga V. Worthington, who worked as a Medical Doctor in Russia and now works as an RN while she prepares for her USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Board Examination) so she can practice medicine in America; and his mother Tara G. Worthington, M.A., Clear Level II Education Specialist with a long history of teaching vocational education including Microsoft Office and Typing.

Mr. Worthington has several highly qulified associates who specialize in teaching Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator who are also eager to share technology with the next generation.

We look forward to teaching your child excellent computer skills that will impact the direction of their careers and lives. We hope you will find Chico Tech Academy to be the best investment you can make in your child's education. Nothing pays like tech skills!

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